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Seeking beauty that makes use of the characteristics of the material

NS Plus uses a variety of carefully selected materials. “Honkai raden”, which shines like a jewel; gold leaf, which combines the beauty and tension of gold leaf with color; and platinum leaf and lame, which combine a pure white brilliance, depth, and strength with a low mixture of color. By making the most of each of these materials, we are able to create something beautiful, luxurious, and full of originality.

Honkai raden

By polishing and expressing the beautiful, shimmering inner surface of the shell, the craftsmen create delicate patterns while preserving the beauty of the shell. Each seashell has a unique shape, and the craftsmen's painstaking skills in dealing with each one produce a beautiful luster like the jewel in “Raden”. This treasured decorative technique, which is a traditional technique used for Buddhist utensils and tea ceremony utensils, is called Raden. Depending on the light and the angle of view, the shells have a beautiful and absorbing charm that shines in seven different colors. The material used for Raden is mainly luminous shells, abalone and pearl oyster.

Genuine Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is made by beating gold with a hammer, along with trace amounts of silver and copper, and stretching it very thin to form a foil. In the original sense, gold leaf was distinguished as "pure gold leaf," but the term "pure gold leaf" is used to describe the product made entirely of gold, while "pure gold leaf" is used to describe the product made from silver and copper, because the term "pure gold" could be misunderstood as being made from pure gold alone.

Platinum Leaf

Like gold leaf, platinum leaf does not tarnish under extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. Compared to the ancient history of gold and silver, the use of platinum is a recent development. Because it does not tarnish, platinum has become a popular alternative to silver. Since it is more expensive than silver, it is often used to make luxury items.

Various materials

"Gorgeous decoration with gold and silver leaf or Honkai Raden , etc. Golden colors that enhance the graceful luxury of traditional crafts and glamorize Yuzen with delicate and concentrated techniques and techniques such as pressed leaf, swing a golden sandstone, etc. We express the beautiful dignity of Yuzen. The highest finishing place of Yuzen, that is the Kinsai craft, is the artisan's way of imagining and expressing the taste and texture of genuine gold leaf."