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"Kinsai... kyoto's traditional technique to decorate a handcraft or a kimono with gold leaf.
We will carry on this tradition to the next generation."

Traditional Crafts.Kinsai.

"Kinsai" is characterized by the beauty of the foil, which has depth and strength in a delicate manner. Its origin is older than Kyo-Yuzen and it dates back to the Momoyama and early Edo periods although "Kinsai" has been developed with Kyo-Yuzen.
"Kinsai", which has been passed down to the present day, is a representative technique of a traditional Japanese culture."

traditional craft伝統工芸

Painting Kyo-Yuzen, "Kinsai" and the cloth in gold.

The beautiful “Kinsai craft” is used in order to put the finishing touches to the hand-drawn Yuzen. It is also when craftsmen are required their sensibility the most. This work has been developed along the traditional Japanese aesthetics and it cannot be done without many years of assiduous effort.

Sophisticated Master Craftsmanship

These are craftsmen's techniques that have been involved in kimono production for more than 30 years; techniques to produce the highest quality of the gold leaf. The work is done by the traditional Japanese aesthetics, and it is a job that cannot be done without dedicating his hole life as a craftsman.


material素 材

“Kairaden”, a decorative techniques used in traditional crafts inlaying thin layers of pearl shells, and gold leaves are made by natural materials.

We use selected materials such as “Kairaden”, which gives off a beautiful shine like a jewel, gold leaf with a sense of presence that matches the beauty and tension of the foil and its color, and platinum foil and lame, which combine a pure white shine with a low mixture of color, depth and strength.

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Would it be possible to convey the charm of the traditional and beautiful “Kinsai”, which should be passed down from generation to generation, in addition to the Kimono. Our goal was to create a fun, everyday gold-colored accessory that blends in well with everyday life. While creating originality, we have carefully finished our work by utilizing our skills.