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Japanese Traditional Crafts

NSplus「Japanese Tradit...ページ」

Delicate, sometimes bold, beautiful, shimmering art

Japan's traditional craftsmanship is a treasure of which Japan is proud and respected worldwide. Kinsai processing, one of the traditional crafts, is used in today's Kyoyuzen for the purpose of enhancing the design and color and decorating it beautifully and gorgeously. In addition, various techniques, such as pressed foil, gold painting, and printing, are used for different purposes in the Kinsai process.

A new challenge from Kyoto to the world

The advanced techniques of Kinsai , the craftsmanship of which has been involved in the production of gorgeous, beautiful and elegant kimonos for more than 30 years, are produced with the eyes and techniques that have been cultivated over the years. I wondered if I could transmit the skill of these craftsmen to other areas besides kimonos. This NS Plus was born from that thought. We will continue to show the skills of artisans from Kyoto to the world, which we want to pass on to the next generation.

Traditional craftsman

A "traditional craftsman" is a person who has inherited the traditional skills that have been cultivated over a long period of time, and continues to work hard.The title is given only to artisans whose skills and knowledge are recognized in the Japanese traditional craft industry. Only 7% of the craftsmen involved in traditional arts and crafts are recognized as "Traditional Craftsmen".

It takes many years of experience to master the techniques of traditional craftsmanship, so a minimum of 12 years is required.

We are passionate about passing on and improving traditional skills and techniques, as well as promoting the traditional craft industry. The world of traditional artisans is a world of craftsmen who can compete on merit.

I've been working hard for more than 30 years, and I'm not wasting my time. As a traditional craftsman, I am training my successor and I would like to keep moving forward as a craftsman and a designer who creates new things, aiming for even greater heights.

Traditional craftsman Kyoyuzen Hand Painting Division

Kinsai Craftsman Nobumi Miyake


NSplus「Japanese Tradit...ページ」